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Pool Fencing

You love having a pool, but in order to avoid injuries, the pool needs to be covered. You need to ensure that unsupervised kids do not access the pool, whether you have a lavish swimming spa or a stunning in-ground masterpiece complete with fountain.

Investing in a fence is the logical solution, but most fences would obstruct your view of the pool or surrounding land. However, without obscuring your vision, glass pool fencing will safeguard your kids.

You will have an unobstructed view of your lovely pool with our clear glass windows. The fence hardly exists physically, but it will prevent little ones from unintentionally getting into the water.

Consider how easy it would be to sit on the patio and visit friends while monitoring the children in the pool without your view being blocked by bulky fencing. You will always be able to enjoy the spectacular view if you have beautiful gardens outside the pool.

pool fencing will allow you to protect the pool while preserving your view of the beauty around it, whether you are trying to preserve an impressive view of the city or the scenery outside your yard.

12mm toughened glass 1200mm high fitted with 2205 grade stainless steel clamps with a wide range of glass, fittings and styles.

At aussieshowers, we’re specialists in Glass Pool Fencing – we can design a custom solution to suit your unique location. So if you’d like to make an enquiry, you can contact us on 0450 713 307.

You can choose your design and fitting method that you desire.